July 19, 2019

Ignatieff calls campaign “inspiring”

Michael Ignatieff found his election campaign inspiring. It seems to have been one of those 'light bulb' moments for the Liberal Leader.

Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff has confidently wound up 37 days of campaigning in Canada’s general election saying “”I gave everything I had.”

“I can’t tell you how much it makes you love your country to do this. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful country,” he added.

The Liberal leader said he would leave it up to the media and voters to rate his performance, but said the campaign had been “inspiring for him,” every step of the way.

“I met Canadians who want to change the country and change it for the better. I’ll never forget it, and I’m very hopeful of the result tonight. I think Canadians want to vote for change, and I hope they will vote for us,” Ignatieff said.

The Liberal leader told the media travelling with him that he is confident the 800,000 Liberals who stayed home last election in 2008 will get to the polls this time.

Newswarped is happy that Michael felt inspired by the campaign experience. The only problem for him is that it is the voters who are supposed to get inspired by his campaign, not him so much.

The polls suggest that centre-left voters might indeed end up coming out in droves this time, but for the NDP, not the Liberals.