July 18, 2019

Jaguar’s Jet powered C-X75 supercar goes green

The C-X75 – Jaguar will give you a discount if you want to buy two.

Jaguar has announced that its new C-X75 hybrid supercar will go into production in 2013, with an exclusive production run of only 250 cars.

The C-X75 will not only be one of the fastest cars in the world it is also one of the greenest, but with price tag of over US$1 million.

Jaguar is partnering with Formula One team Williams to create the supercar, which will max out at over 320km/h and accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds. As soon as this beast of a car hits the roads, car enthusiasts can easily find it, amongst other supercars, at places like https://motorlender.com/

As with most supercars, flooring the gas pedal is the easy part, finding a road good enough to drive on at that speed is the hard part.

The hybrid drivetrain will give the C-X75 a 50km range using only electric power. Its average emissions are expected to be 99 grams per 100km.

The first production models will not feature the revolutionary micro-turbines that powered the C-X75’s batteries, because Jaguar is still perfecting the technology.

However Jaguar expects that the later production models will use the micro-turbine, jet power technology.

For now the C-X75 will have to slum it by using a small-capacity “highly boosted” petrol engine combined with “powerful” electric motors on each axle that make the supercar all-wheel drive.

Jaguar says Williams’ expertise in aerodynamics, carbon composite construction and hybrid technology will be key to the C-X75’s success.

The Formula One, kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) will be standard, along with a lightweight but strong carbon-fibre body.

“People expect Jaguar to be innovators – that is when Jaguar is at its best,” says Jaguar brand director Adrian Hallmark. “The C-X75 received an incredible reception as a concept car”.

“We’ve been building on that momentum and there is a clear business case for this exclusive halo model. No other vehicle will better signify Jaguar’s renewed confidence and excellence in technological innovation than this.”

Well that is all the company PR quotes out of the way. The tricky part of any concept car is delivering on all the hype used in the pre-production marketing to sell the cars.

Hopefuly Jaguar will come good on their promises.

Newswarped had a small chuckle at the “People expect Jaguar to be innovators” quote. I thought people expect Jaguar’s to be gas guzzling trophy cars, that look stylish in an upper-class sort of way, but perform like….well…Jaguars’.