August 23, 2019

James Middleton defied dyslexia for royal wedding reading

James Middleton - young, handsome and rich. Not even dyslexia is going to hold him back it seems.

James Middleton’s standout performance in doing the only reading at his sister Catherine’s marriage to Prince William at Westminster Abbey last month was even more special now it is revealed that James suffers from dyslexia.

The 23 year-old cake entrepreneur chose to memorise his two-minute-40-second-long extract from Romans 12 rather than read it from the Bible and risk jumbling the words before an audience of millions of people.

James delivered a word-perfect recitation and appeared totally at ease, sounding more like a trained actor. A few churches around England would love to have someone reading scripture with the confidence and sincerity that James showed.

In 2007 the youngest Middleton sibling founded an upmarket baking business called The Cake Kit Company, which is part of his parents’ party planning empire.

The company was a finalist in the Enterprising Young Brits awards and was named a winner of small business awards Smarta 100 last year.

Mr Middleton lives with his sister Pippa Middleton in a flat in London.

He is in the process of launching three more companies, Nice Cakes, Nice Wine and Nice Group London.

While business success beckon’s for James the world for now will remember a confident young man who defied his dyslexia and delivered an outstanding reading that played its part in the immensely successful day that was William and Catherine’s wedding.