July 19, 2019

Japan’s Prime Minister to give up salary

It is not easy being a leader at a time like this. Naoto Kan's gesture in putting his salary on hold, is an honourable act.

Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan has announced that he will give up his salary until the nuclear crisis in Japan is over.

The Prime Minister’s salary is 1,636,000 yen a month ($20,200), but he will still receive his smaller lawmaker’s salary.

Kan also took the salary announcement opportunity to say that he would review Japan’s energy policy and consider other energy sources like wind and solar power.

Progress in the area around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has been painfuly slow. On the bright side at least things have not got any worse.

Yesterday about 100 residents, who had been evacuated from close to the Fukushima Daiichi plant, were allowed to return home for a short visit to gather belongings.

They had to wear protective suits to guard against radiation, before visiting their homes in the village of Kawauchi.

They were only allowed to bring out one small bag of belongings and were restricted to a two hour visit. It must have been an emotional experience after so many weeks away.

After the visit, the residents were taken to a base to undergo examinations for radioactive substances.

It is still unclear when if ever the people will be able to return to their homes. Newswarped has every sympathy for them. If they were allowed to return, but did not want to live in the area anymore, who is going to buy their house off them?

The only hope is that the government buys their homes which would allow them to start again somnewhere else.