September 17, 2019

John Banks puts name forward as ACT candidate for Epsom

No it is not a joke. Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to be the ACT MP for Epsom.

Former Auckland City mayor and National Party MP, John Banks has officially put his name forward to be the Act party’s candidate for the Epsom electorate in this year’s New Zealand general election.

Speculation has been strong that Banks would have a go at national politics again after his defeat in the Auckland Mayoral election last year.

The political assassination of encumbent ACT MP, Rodney Hide leaves an appealing gap in a part of Auckland that is used to having an ACT MP.

John Banks was Mayor of Auckland for six years and a National Party MP for 18 years.

Banks turned up at the ACT Party head office in Newmarket this afternoon to lodge his nomination form.

He also had with him a membership application form to join ACT. Alwyas handy that to actualy be a member of a political party before you become a candidate for it.

This means that Banks will not be able to renew his National Party membership as both ACT and National do not allow dual membership.

Banks said ”It is very exciting. It started for me a long time ago. I’ve gone from sleeping rough in the Auckland Domain to Parliament house, to the town hall and back to the town hall and hopefully back to Parliament house within three decades.” That sounds more like a fitness circuit than a political career.

Banks said he would take his chances with the Epsom nomination and said he was happy to step aside if a better qualified person was to step forward, and the party wanted them.

This is quite funny because on the Banks scale of competence, there is no one out there in the least bit comparable to him in anything. John Banks is a supreme being.

Nominations for the ACT candidacy close nest Tuesday and to date there are no other nominations. Although my cat is considering a go at it just to make a contest of it.

John Banks was confident that new ACT leader (and former National leadaer) Don Brash would like having him around. ”I’ve known Don since I campaigned with him in 1981.” said an excited John.

Banks said he was putting his nomination forward because the country was in ”serious trouble” and John Key needed a reliable partner in government, and ”10 to 12 Act members will do that”.

There are many who think that if we thought the country was in trouble now, then adding 10-12 ACT MP’s would put it even further in the @#*%.