June 19, 2019

Kim Cattrall welcomes end of dieting after 35 years

Kim Cattrall claims she doesn't do the cosmetic surgery thing, just a little botox.

Sex and the City star, Kim Cattrall interviewed during a commerical shoot in Argentina recently, puts the secret of her slender figure down to diet and exercise.

“I have literally been on a diet since 1976,” says Cattrall, who also keeps her weight down with the help of a personal trainer, strong aerobics, and long strolls in New York City.

Cattrall confides though that being required to lose her sleek figure to play a faded porn star in the recent drama “Meet Monica Velour,” was a real pleasure.

Being able to pack on the pounds for the role “was a Get Out of Jail card,” she said. “It was fantastic! And it’s where my body naturally wants to go. It was shocking how quickly I put [the weight] on. Shocking!” But she loved doing it.

On the subject of movie roles for aging sexy actresses, Cattrall said “There aren’t a lot of great roles [for women],” she says. “But as you get older, they get more and more scarce—as my mother says, like hen’s teeth. That’s why I have a production company. I don’t want to take on projects that do not, in one way or another, help women or empower women or tell a woman’s story that’s never been told.”

There are still some who feel Cattrall’s finest career role was as Miss Honeywell in the 1982 film Porky’s.