June 27, 2019

Labor’s boat people trading scheme under fire

Definitely a cruise liner by people smuggler standards.

The Australian Labor Government’s new scheme to do a trade with Malaysia for illegal asylum seekers has come under fire from almost everywhere.

Australia will transfer 800 boat people to Malaysia and receive 4000 processed Malaysian refugeees in return. A protest refugeee sounds more like something from a cheese factory.

Austalia is a big player in commodity trading, but it seems the government wants to break into the international people trading business. I think in the old days it used to be called slavery.

Newswarped is not sure who sets the people exchange rates either. Logic would suggest that a genuine ‘processed’ Malaysiona refugee would be worhth more that an bog standard illegal asylum seeker.

But apparently not. Boat people are highly prized it seems, with one boat person being worth more than four processed refugees.

Anyway, Australia ends up with four times the refugees they were getting before. At least with the boat people,they were getting delivered direct to Australia. Now the Australian taxpayer is going to have to fork out for shipping the boat people to Malaysia.

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has rejected suggestions a deal with Malaysia to swap asylum seekers for processed refugees is Labor’s version of the so-called Pacific Solution.

“I don’t think it looks anything like that at all,” he told reporters in Canberra today. No that is right Wayne, it is a barmy solution, or at best an ‘Asian’ solution.

The deal has been criticised by the opposition and refugee and human rights groups and now it seems newswarped as well.

newswarped is also perplexed about the governments crowing about the new trading scheme putting a nail in the coffin of the people smugglers.

Now the people smugglers can offer a boat trip to australia, and if that fails they can now guarantee a free return ticket to Malaysia at the Australian taxpayers expense.

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