September 17, 2019

Lap-dancing nun performs for church leaders

Sister Nobili is wearing a few more clothes now than she used to.

For years Anna Nobili worked as a lap dancer in Italian nightclubs. Now the 38 year-old is dancing for Jesus. This week she performed what she calls “The Holy Dance” for senior church leaders in Rome, including Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican’s Cultural Department.

In an interview with the BBC, Sister Nobili said that her transformation from lap-dancer to nun gradually.

“It was my mother who went about getting me involved in the faith – she had a powerful vision of Jesus,” she says.

“At first I didn’t want to know, but then Jesus appeared to me too, and I fell in love with him.”

Several years ago, she swapped her old life for the Church, after a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi.

Sister Nobili, then joined the order of nuns called the Working Lady Nuns of Nazareth House, and it is through them that she tours prisons and hospitals performing her modern Christian dance.

Sister Nobili says her dancing has changed since her lap-dancing days
“They understand that our hearts belong to Jesus, that means our moves also show that he is alive, and that he is a God of joy, not one of sadness,” she explains.

“He is a God who dances not one who stands still.”

Sister Nobili adds that it is for these reasons she has noticed that bishops, and priests in general, are struck by this new form of expression. Probably not as struck as they would be if she did one of her old lap-dancing routines on them.

She does use some of her past life in her new shows, telling young people in the audience the story of how she converted.

Newswarped likes these kind of stoires. There are no shortage of lap-dancers in the world, but there is a shortage of people who are willing to help the poor and disadvantaged. Well done Sister Nobili for living what you believe.

Anna Nobili in her pre-nun days.