June 27, 2019

Last WWI veteran dies

Claude could not have dreamed while on the high seas in WW1, that he would be the last man left, and see another century dawn.

There were over 70 million military personnel involved in the fighting in the First World War between 1914-18.

The last of them, Claude Stanley Choules, died yesterday in Perth aged 110. Claude who served in the British Navy, was the last known veteran of the conflict still living.

Mr Choules, son Adam said at his fathers birthday in March, that, ”He’s a celebrity … but that’s only because everyone else has died.”

”He served in two wars but he hated war. He just saw it as a job.”

The human link to the war is now broken. The last ‘official’ veteran now is English woman Florence Green. She is now 110 years old and served in the war as a waitress in a Royal Flying Corp officer’s mess.

Claude Choules was born on 3rd March 1901, in Pershore, England. He joined the Royal Navy as a 15 year-old, finishing the war on the Battleship HMS Revenge, from where he witnesses the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet in 1918.

Claude migrated to Australia and served in the Australian Navy. During the second world war he was the acting torpedo officer at Fremantle and disposed of the first German mine to wash up on Australian soil.

He also had the task of destroying the harbour and oil storage tanks at Fremantle port in the event of a Japanese invasion.