August 23, 2019

Libya rebels capture Misrata airport

Libyan rebels in Misrata are starting to push back Gaddafi's troops.

Libyan rebels have claimed to have retaken Misrata Airport as part of the offensive to clear pro-Gaddafi forces from Misrata.

There are reports of hundreds of rebels fighters celebrating in the streets folowing the withdrawl of pro-Gaddafi soldiers. Burning government tanks have been seen.

After weeks of being pounded by concealed pro-Gaddafi artillery, the port city of Misrata is on the verge of being liberated by the rebels. They will be aiming to drive Gaddafi’s troops back far enough to be out of artillery range, so that food and weapons can flood unhindered into the sea port and airport.

If Misrata is completely liberated by the rebels and the siege broken, then Gaddafi is finished.

The air campaign against targets in Tripoli has been stepped up. NATO and the rebels can smell victory now, and there is every chance it will come quicker than they think.