August 22, 2019

Libyan oil minister goes AWOL

Ok lets play a little game of hide n seek. I will hide in another country and you try and find me. A little hint - I am not anywhere that is being bombed.

Libyan Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem has left Libya for Tunisia then disappeared.

Tunisian officials say he crossed the border on Saturday to go to the island of Djerba. He was later reported to have left for an unknown destination.

The Libyan government said Ghanem had been on official business in Tunisia, but had since had lost touch with Tripoli. Phone home Shukri, phone home.

“Shukri Ghanem has left Libya,” a Tunisian official said. The official added that Mr Ghanem had gone to a hotel in Djerba on Saturday but “not tried to contact the Tunisian authorities”.

Ok so he goes to Tunisia on official business but doesn’t do anything official, then disappears.

Worried media have contacted the Libyan rebels to see if he has gone to stay at their house without telling Muammar, but the Libyan rebels say they do not know if Mr Ghanem has defected or not or where he is.

Mr Ghanem is also the head of Libya’s National Oil Corporation and a former prime minister.

Newswarped can’t understand why Ghanem would want to leave Libya. Quality time in big Muammar’s house and beautiful evening fireworks diplays courtesy of NATO. What more could any self-respecting oil minister want?