May 22, 2019

Mexico coal mine blast – 3 dead, 11 missing

The mine head near Sabinas, Mexico.

Rescue teams are searching in the coal mine outside Sabinas in Northern Mexico for 11 miners trapped after a gas explosion on Tuesday morning.

Three miners have been confirmed dead, and a 15 year old youth is in serious condition after having both arms amputated.

Mexico’s Labor Secretary, Javier Lozano Alarcon said the search teams went into the mine on Wednesday morning after gas levels became safe enough for the tunnels enter.

Lozano said the mine had only been operating for 20 days and had 25 workers who were not unionized.

The owner of the mine is a company known as Binsa, the statement from Mexico’s attorney general’s office said.

Sabinas Mayor, Jesus Montemayor Garza said “It’s very painful for us, At this time we don’t know if the 14 miners trapped are dead or alive. It’s going to be a complicated operation because of the way the mine shaft was built.”

The shaft at the mine is 60 meters deep, he said.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon told the Notimex news agency “We are praying that they are alive, and we are working and doing everything possible that is within our reach to rescue them.”

Newswarped is hoping that all the remaining miners are found alive. I am also hoping that a full investigation is carried out.

If the mine owners are found to have put profit before safety, then they should be strung up. It is never the rich guys who end up on the wrong end of a gas explosion in a mine.