July 18, 2019

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee defends the role of mistresses

Yeah us mistresses are the real victims, nobody feels sorry for us.

According to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, mistresses are the real victims when it comes to extra marital affairs. McGee is famous for being the ‘other woman’ in the break-up of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Michelle McGee is in Australia as the star attraction at the Perth sexuality and lifestyle exhibition otherwise known as Sexpo.

The exotic performer and tattoo model who made a lot of money selling her story about the affair with Jesse James claims that the media is to blame for the negative international coverage she got rather than moral outrage.

She said “The first thing that people do is rip apart the mistress.”

“I see it as a scandal as that’s been shoved down everyone’s throats. To me it wasn’t a scandal. I had a relationship with a guy, he lied to me, he had a wife who happened to be famous and it went through a media frenzy.”

“It’s kind of hard to not go out there and spill your beans about everything and I haven’t said a lot of things that I could’ve.

“I could’ve said a lot of things about what happened between Jesse and me but I chose not to because they were personal and private to our relationship.”

McGee said she was surprised by the angry reaction from many women. “I sold the scandal, I never really sold the story or too much personal information about it,” she said. “Women just bashed me.”

“I have been cheated on, I think everybody has been cheated on, so I was really surprised when women bashed me so much. It was just such a surprise I was like, ‘No wait a minute I was just as much a victim as she [Bullock] was’.”

“I was never a home-wrecker, I’m not a malicious person, I didn’t go after someone’s husband. It was just a weird situation and the media sensationalised it so much that it made me into a monster.”

Ok good speech Michelle, but newswarped would still like to point out that you only had to Google Jesse James to find out he was married. Apparently that was too difficult for you. Easier to blame the media I guess.