August 23, 2019

Middleton family complaint sinks Pippa and Kate bikini photos

Ok so don't know what all the fuss is about. It is just a girl in a bikini.

The Middleton family has complained to the UK Press Complaints Commission after four newspapers published photographs of Kate and Pippa in bikinis.

The photos were taken in 2006 on a family holiday to Spain. They show Catherine and Pippa, swiming,diving and relaxing on their uncle, Gary Goldsmith’s yacht off Ibiza.

The photos were given massive coverage in the News of the World, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Daily Mirror.

The irony is that a lot of the photos have been published before. But since the royal wedding anything vaguely sexy involving Catherine and particularly Pippa Middleton has been in global demand.

The Middletons complaint will most likely centre on an invasion of privacy, but given the previous publication and with no complaint made at the time it is hard to see the complaint being upheld. However the pictures have been removed from the papers websites at this stage.

A Press Compliants Commission spokesman said: “I can confirm that the PCC has now received complaints from representatives of the Middleton family concerning photographs published in the News of the World, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Daily Mirror. We will now consider those complaints.”

We have now considered them and we think that the one with Pippa taking her bikini top off is the best. The jury will disregard that last statement. I was just kidding.

Pippa and Catherine. Not since the Boleyn girls, have two sisters caused such a stir in royal circles.

The future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking a little less formal than we are used to seeing.