August 19, 2019

Motorists register cars as ambulances to save on tax

Yeah she is a great little runner and the lights and siren come in handy in traffic jams.

Some New Zealand motorists are claiming their vehicles are ambulances to save hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees.

The problem is worst in Otago, in the South Island where there are 230 ambulances registered, nearly the same number as Auckalnd which has 10 times as many people reports the Otago Daily Times.

New Zealand Transport Agency media manager Andy Knackstedt said he believed there were only 40 genuine ambulances in Dunedin.

“I guess it comes down to people’s willingness to falsely register their vehicles.”

It costs nearly $60 to register a non-commercial ambulance for a year, $287 for a petrol-powered private car and $417 for a private non-petrol car.

Transport Registry Centre manager Brett Dooley said offenders could be charged up to $1000 and it would be writing to the owners of the questionable ambulances.

Newswarped is wondering if there is going to be dawn raids on households to check for illegal ambulances.

You’ve got to love New Zealand, where people ripping of a vehicle tax is news, while in other parts of the world natural disasters and human violaence is causing mayhem.

Newswarped also reports there are no reported instances of cats up trees today in New Zealand. They have all been blown out of the branches by the crazy gale force winds that have been ripping through the country.