June 27, 2019

Mr Whippy ice cream seller beaten up and robbed

The sound of Greensleeves music has excited kids for decades.

A Mr Whippy icecream truck driver was beaten and robbed after refusing to hand over a free cone to a lowlife scumbag on Wednesday evening.

The driver was selling icecreams in Kawerau, 32km southwest of Whakatane, when a young man who was part of a group of youths approached him and asked for a free icecream.

The driver refused and hopped in the front seat to drive away. Before he could get started the man leapt in through the service window and threw a bottle that hit the driver in the face.

The driver was then punched repeatedly, leaving him with cuts and bruises to his face and head. Around $600 was stolen from the till.

Police are still hunting the youth, described as a Maori of thin to medium build aged about 16 to 20 years old and wearing a red scarf covering his face, a dark hat and dark jacket.

Good luck in Kawerau chaps. Every second teenager fits that description.

Edgecumbe Mr Whippy franchise owner Steve Wright said his employee was “fine now, he’s okay. He was pretty glum for a while, as obviously they had hurt his feelings and it was pretty traumatic for him.”

“He’s a sensitive sort of person – he sells icecreams.”

That is right Steve, ice cream sellers are sensitive people.

I know the lowlife scum who beat up the ice cream seller is not reading this, but if he were here is a message for him from newswarped.

It was Mr Whippy!! They are nice people who don’t bother anyone and sell ice creams. You are such a dude. The guy who whipped Mr Whippy. Might as well retire now you are a legend. We would like to lock you up and play ‘Greensleeves’ over and over until you beg for mercy.

It is believed to be the first attack on a Mr Whippy driver in the franchise’s 47 years of trading in New Zealand.


  1. Ktwn_roller says:

    This is such an embarrassment to our beautiful town. I have seen this changing for the worst of it. If the police and the mayor are not going to put a band on these little troubled teens, who is going to do it??

    Not only are they bullying Mr Whippy they are also intimidating our people in town, saying that their dads are in the mob and they will bash them up if they don’t give them any money or smokes. I have witnessed this and I know who the kids are so i stopped them and went straight to the parents house and told them what their kids were doing.

    I was born and raised in Kawerau, I have never ever seen anything like this happen. It is disgusting to see them terrorise a service that has been provided for the community by people who obviously care about the Bay of Plenty.

    Shame on you who ever did it, big “SHAME ON YOU!!!”

    • Thanks very much for adding a perspective from Kawerau. I know there are lots of fantastic people that live there. It is just a few scumbags that give it a bad reputation in the wider Kiwi community. Hopefully things will get better, but the school closures will be a bit of a blow.