April 20, 2019

NATO air strikes hammer Gaddafi navy

No civilian utility? It's still a boat, you can drop a fishing rod over the side can't you. Sounds civilian to me.

Nato air strikes in Libya have hit eight warships belonging to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in co-ordinated raids on the ports of Tripoli, Al Khums and Sirte.

In a statement, a spokesman said Nato had to take “decisive action” given Colonel Gaddafi’s increasing use of naval assets to launch attacks on civilians. Yeah thats right it is not just because the pilots are getting restless and looking for new things to blow up.

Witnesses say that flames and smoke could be seen rising from vessels hit in Tripoli.

The NATO statement said the use of indiscriminate mining by pro-Gaddafi maritime forces had disrupted the flow of much-needed aid into Libya and had also “demonstrated a clear intent to attack Nato forces”.

It said the strikes on Friday demonstrated Nato’s “resolve to protect the civilian population of Libya, using appropriate and proportionate force”.

“All the vessels targeted last night were naval warships with no civilian utility,” said Rear-Admiral Russell Harding, Deputy Commander of Nato’s mission in Libya.

Newswarped thinks there is no truth to the rumour that NATO just found out that Libya had a navy and is making up for lost time.