September 17, 2019

NZ Prime Minister in planking photo with son

The independent might easily mistake this photo for a seriously dodgy man/boy massage parlour type thing.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has joined the international craze of planking, by appearing in a photo with his son on the Planking New Zealand Facebook page.

The photo shows Mr Key’s son, Max, planking at home while the Prime Minister stands behind him.

Fifteen-year-old Max’s picture called the “PM plank” has gone down well with planking enthusiasts with many positive comments being left on the Facebook page.

A spokesman for Mr Key said he had “nothing to say” about the photograph. This is quite unusual for a ministerial spokesperson. Normally they enjoy the spotlight and are hard to shut up.

While many see it as a bit of harmelss fun, others are not so enthused. The death of an Australian man last month while planking on a balcony rail, focussed world attention on the dangerous lengths some people go to for the ultimate planking photo.

Planking has hit the headlines in New Zealand over the past week with several high school students being disciplined for taking planking stunts too far.

One was filmed planking on a rail line in South Auckland as a train approached. A Tauranga Boys College student was photographed lying on another railway track, and a pupil of Carmel College on the North Shore was snapped on top of a concrete pillar.

Regardless of what people think of planking, newswarped estimates that it has about 2 months of the spotlight left in its fad status. After that the world will wake up and think planking is one big yawn.