May 21, 2019

Obama visits Joplin – “this is a national tragedy”

President Obama visiting Joplin. He is making all the right moves at the moment and giving himself every chance of getting re-elected.

US President Barack Obama has visited Joplin, Missouri the scene of last weeks devastating tornado that killed 142 people and injured hundreds more. There are still 105 missing people to be accounted for.

President Obama described it as a “national tragedy” and has spoken at a memorial service exactly a week following the destruction of the town in what is reported to be one of the most devastating tornados in US history with winds of 200mph cutting a swathe of destruction through the city, injuring more than 900 people.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon drove President Obama through the hardest-hit areas and taking the time to stop and talk to residents.

President Obama asked Americans to give money to the Red Cross or other organisations to help the relief effort and told the residents of Joplin that “This is not just your tragedy, it is a national tragedy and there will be a national response,” he said.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Joplin will rebuild, and as president I can promise you, we will be with you every step of the way.”

More than 600 volunteers and 50 dog teams are still scouring the shattered remains of homes and offices for survivors or victims.