August 19, 2019

Police capture homemade tank in Mexico drug raid

The Zetas 'Monster' tank. It looks like it comes from the Ghostbusters car, family tree.

Mexican police have seized a homemade tank during a raid on the notorious Zetas drug cartel in Western Mexico. Three people were killed in the raid.

The tank has been dubbed “The Monster” by police. It has room for 20 people and its armour plating is capable of stopping bullets and resisting explosives.

“The Monster”, was mounted on top of a truck chassis and covered with soldered metal sheets and a revolving gun turret.

Jalisco State Security Minister, Luis Carlos Najera said “It’s a very powerful vehicle.” That Luis Carlos, he knows a muscle car when he see’s one.

The seizure was part of a series of raids in western Mexico against the Zetas gang. Zetas are rumoured to be behind last weeks massacre in Guatemala where 27 people were beheaded.

Zetas was formed by mercenary hitmen who previously worked for another cartel. They obviously decided, being a boss was better than an employee.

These drug cartels are like the military machine of a small nation. Tanks, submarines, planes, helicopters – they have got the lot. If they didn’t deal in death and destruction it would be laughable.

Anything the Mexican government can do to shut these murderers down is most welcome. It is no wonder that the army has taken over a lot of the anti-drug operations from the police.


  1. thelaughingman says

    i wonder if that things got a hemi?