June 27, 2019

President Assad admits “mistakes” by Syrian security forces

I told them not to fire and they did. It is just a training issue. They need to learn when I say don't fire I mean don't fire.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been quoted in the al-Watan newspaper as saying his security services “made some mistakes” in their handling of demonstrations.

He attributed the shortcomings to a lack of experience with such situations, which he said would normally be the police’s responsibility.

Mr Assad also “gave assurances that Syria had overcome the crisis” and that “events were coming to an end”, the newspaper added.

President Assad says the security services will receive training “to prevent excesses” being repeated.

Newswarped is suggesting this is a load of bollocks. No one in the Syrian security apparatus would be brave enough to do anything other than what President Assad expressly wants.

To brand it as a ‘training issue’ is just another way of fobbing off the international outrage over his crackdown.

In other news reports are coming in of attacks on civilians in Tal Kalakh, near the border with Lebanon, which has been besieged for several days. Activists claim at least 27 people have died.

Human rights activists say more than 850 people have been killed and thousands arrested in the operation launched to quell dissent in March.

The Syrian government blames most of the violence on “armed criminal gangs”, saying they have killed more than 120 soldiers and police.

Foreign journalists are not allowed to cover the unrest in Syria. Without the internet which broadcasts raw footage of the violence taken by protesters, the world would be none the wider about the crackdown.