June 27, 2019

President Obama off to find his ‘roots’ in Ireland

He is just so Irish. Like a pint of Guiness standing on the bar.

US President Barack Obama is on his way to the Republic of Ireland, the starting point for his week long tour of Europe.

Like a cheap coach trip holiday, Obama is packing in Ireland, The United Kingdom, France and Poland in his seven days.

Just for added excitement he is going to attend a meeting of the meeting of the Group of Eight (G8) major world powers in Deauville, France.

In Ireland, apart from shaking hands with various politicians, President Obama and Michelle Obama, will visit the village of Moneygall, County Offaly, which was the home of his great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, Falmouth Kearney.

It must have brought great joy to the Obama camp to find some Irish ancestry in Barack’s ‘roots’. It has become almost an obssession with post-war US presidents to find some Irish ancestry no matter how obscure and trumpet it at a great ‘homecoming’ visit to old Ireland.

Newswarped is far less cynical than some who suggest that the prescence of a large ‘Irish’ voting population in the US is the motivating factor in this geneological mission.

“Aw shucks Mary will you look at that. The black fella in charge of America is Irish so he is.”

Moneygall, only has 300 residents. It has covered its main street in stars and stripes and is going to put on a ‘bit of a do’ for President Obama at the village pub.

In the UK the Obama’s get to stay with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

After meeting more politicians, President Obama will address both houses of the UK parliament at Westminster. We hope the Common’s don’t dish up their usual boorish behaviour for their illustrious guest.

On Thursday Mr Obama heads to Deauville, France, for the G8 summit which gives us the perfect opportunity to increase this articles SEO by slipping in that he willmeet French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan at this meeting.

On Friday, the US leader travels on to Poland to discuss parking missiles on Polish turf, just to piss off the Russian’s.

All in all a great little package holiday for Barack and Michelle. If he had more of a sense of adventure he would drop into Tripoli and pay a state visit to Muammar Gaddafi who must be feeling a bit left out things by now.