August 22, 2019

Rare Kiwi bird found wandering in Russian city

A flightless Kiwi manages to migrate 16,000 km to Russia - Yeah Right!

Russian media is reporting that a rare New Zealand Kiwi bird has been found wandering in a garden in the Black Sea port city of Sochi.

Sochi is a tourist resort with a warm climate, but it is 16,000 km from New Zealand.

A local zoologist is suggesting that it might have arrived on a cruise ship.

The Kiwi bird is one of New Zealand’s national symbols and is endangered and cannot fly. Experts say there is no known illegal trade in the Kiwi birds because they are nocturnal, shy and hard to handle.

Sochi Port officials say it is unlikely to have arrived by ship because customs controls there were too stringent. But then they would say that wouldn’t they.

New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for caution about the Russian reports, saying similar stories in the past had turned out to be hoaxes.

Just why the Russian media would run a false story about a rare bird from a small country on the other side of the world being found in Russia would be a mystery in itself.

UPDATE: It is now reported that instead of being a rare Kiwi, the bird found in Sochi is in fact a common Bittern.

Bittern’s are found throughout Europe, North Africa and central Asia, and migrate through the region of Sochi each spring.

Oh well that is a somewhat common end to what was briefly a very exotic story.