May 24, 2019

Ryan Giggs named as having affair with Imogen Thomas

The more he tries to stop details of an alleged affair, the more guilty he looks.

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has used parliamentary privilege to name Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs as the married footballer named on Twitter as having an injunction over an alleged affair with a reality TV star Imogen Thomas.

Hemming named Giggs as the player during an urgent Commons question on privacy orders.

He also said it would not be practical to imprison the 75,000 Twitter users who had named the player.

The High Court has again ruled that the injunction should not be lifted.

It rejected two attempts on Monday to overturn the ban, the first after a Scottish paper named the footballer on Sunday, and the second after Mr Hemming’s action.

Giggs had had obtained the court order against Imogen Thomas, who is an ex-Big Brother contestant and former Miss Wales, and also the Sun newspaper.

The footballer’s lawyers have also obtained a High Court order asking Twitter to reveal details of users who had revealed his identity after thousands named him.

This has now reached the farcical stage. It is like trying to catch all the rain in a bucket. Giggs would be far better off trying to deal with the fallout of the affair rather than try to prevent people from knowing what they already know.

It is also a truth that the more someone tries to stop allegations becoming public the more people will believe there must be truth in the allegations.

Parliamentary privilege protects MPs and peers from prosecution for statements made in the House of Commons or House of Lords.

John Hemming later told the BBC why he had named Mr Giggs.

“Basically when he… showed that he was going to go after relatively normal people and try and prosecute them, for gossiping about him on a matter of trivia, I think he has to be held to account for that,” he said.

Imogen Thomas - yes she looks like the kind of girl the Sun would like to get an 'exclusive' story from.