August 22, 2019

Sales assistant awarded $10,000 after being sacked via text message

Sedina Sokolovic looking chilled out with $10,000 compensation. She is also an actress.

Australian retail store Modestie Boutique has beenforced to pay AUS$10,000 to a sales assistant who was sacked via tex message on Boxing Day last year for swapping shifts without permission and being late.

Modestie director, Sophia Sarkis sent a text to staff member Sedina Sokolovic saying “That shows me you not taking me serious or the work. Which hurts me enough and you can pick up your pay tomorrow and drop the key. You don’t need to call me and I don’t see that we can work together.”

Ms Sokolovic, who had worked at the store in Sydney for two years, was awarded AUS$9992 after Fair Work Australia ruled her text-message sacking was “harsh, unjust and unreasonable.”

Ms Sokolovic, said she could not believe she had been sacked by text two days after she had swapped shifts. She was also upset she had not had a chance to respond. “I was just stunned. What happened wasn’t right,” she told The Age newspaper.

Fair Work Australia Commissioner, Ian Cambridge was also critical of the way the sacking occurred, saying he was inclined to agree with the comments of Ms Sokolovic’s lawyer, Adrian Barwick, that it was a “pretty appalling” way to dismiss someone. Mr Cambridge said it suggested a “lack of courage” to fire an employee by text.

“Consequently, if dismissal is implemented by any means other than face-to-face communication, both the legal and ethical basis for the decision to dismiss is likely to face strong and successful challenge,” he said.

The reasons given in the text message did not include any “serious misconduct” that would justify an instant dismissal, and none were provided later at the Fair Work Australia hearing, the tribunal found.

Firing Ms Sokolovic by text also denied her a chance to respond or explain the circumstances that had led to her sacking.

Mr Cambridge said claims by Modestie that Ms Sokolovic had been fired after complaints by customers were “unspecified, unsubstantiated allegations” that were used “belatedly” to try to bolster an “ill-considered and hasty decision”.

Newswarped is unsure why Modestie, with such a flimsy case, did not settle out of court. Sacking via text message is certainly not best management practice, but I guess it must have felt very satisfying for Sophia Sarkis at the time. Newswarped thinks there are cheaper ways to remove unwanted staff members.


  1. Things have gone way beyond discussion of the story here and got far too personal. Please only post comments that discuss the story itself and are not personally abusive to anyone else.

  2. You guys are lunatics !!!!!!!! Get a life pleaze, this story is old news ! Sedina is probably laughing her head off at all these comments, I know I would be for sure . This site is probably made up from one big retarded family of idiots. Lib I totally agree with what you said, the staff probably spend all day working up comments to say since they have nothing else better to do. You would think they would be focusing on customers instead of childish comments, they have tarnished their reputation forever, so sad, I really did used to love being a Modestie customer ! So sad ! As for Johnny, what are you their pimp ?

    • No I only pimp girls who got no hope – it’s part of the good samaritan in me…you after a shift?

    • We have life Jessy. You and your pathetic blonde Sedina is the one that don’t have life. If she didnot waste her time from the begining we don’t need to waste our time here. Do you want Jonny to be your pimp too? You too cheap for it. Modestie doesn’t need to have a customer like you who has the same attitude as Sedina. Modestie has it’s own VIP. If I were you, I wouldn’t be involving. Westfield Liverpool HATE her. You get that?????

      • I will only accept being her pimp if she fills out a comprehensive application form with photo attached and previous employment details. I will not accept word of mouth….(NO PUN INTENDED).

      • Jennifer says

        Key word there being Liverpool. A hole in the western suburbs full of people who cannot speak English nor have much of a future. Even if it were true, who cares? Sedina if you have even seen these comments and are reading this, which I doubt you seem to have more common sense then anyone here, you should be glad to have gotten away from this hole. By the way I watched the ACA clip, Sedina looks like a normal 30 year old, the owner on the other hand looks like a transvestite from Thailand. This Johnny person is the by far the most pathetic here.

        • LOL Jennifer, You know much about transvestite? Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you did your sex change at Thailand hahahahahaha. Girl just wait and see who’s the real lady is. This ain’t over yet.

  3. By the way this Johnny guy is obviously a made up person with various personas commenting as him. His spelling, writing style and punctuation changes within every comment. This ‘Johnny’ is simply ruining the shops rep.

    • Au contraire, demoiselle. I’m the only Johnny in here and I’m as Johnny as they come. I haven’t even met any of you in here however I am a full participant in this forum. Sorry to confuse or upset you but if you want to chat in person I’d be happy to catch up for a feed at a reputable diner. I’m not sure why you think I have multiple personalities but all you have to do is look at the tone in my language, and my level of language. I ain’t made up, girl, and I’d be happy to prove that to you even though I don’t have to. I just don’t want you losing sleep over this whole situation: I care for your mental health.

      • Jennifer says

        You claim to have a life and a ‘reputable’ job although you seem to spend every hour of your life on this forum from the amount of times you commented. No one here seems to have any intellectual or law-based comments rather pathetic comments about aesthetics.

        • Did you forget that you’re spending quite a fair bit of time on here reading my comments? I do actually have a reputable job. Want me to prove it?

  4. Wow! A lot of action here!! I’m getting a team SOPHIA shirt tomorrow dammit!
    Anyone wearing a team Sedz is going down!! Yes all three of you lol…
    Sedina should use the money to fix her head. Perhaps fix her peroxide blonde hair, fix that nose and get some implants. Then she’s sure to be a star…on redtube. I’m thinking a good love story plot, Sedina falls in love with a fellow goat and the neighbourhood cow gets jealous and some freaky deaky stuff happens =D

  5. Whilst I don’t agree with a lof of the comments made on here, evidently she was a bad worker and got an underserving payout. What I don’t understand is where she plans to go from here? Sedina help me out, whichever one you are 🙂

  6. Modestie Staffs has the ball to put their real name. Whilst Sedina so call friends afraid to put their name hahaha. Sedina last at Abyss for 9 weeks ant Wots hotz in burwood for 3 weeks. That shows how good her customer service skill is. While Sedina cracking pot, Sophia may be spending time with kids. Respect the mother not to the dopey. Shes a cracker. Oh we feel sorry for you Sedina.

    • Pathetic says

      Woahh you seem to know so much about Sedina don’t you. How many false lies will be created until someone around here get a life?

  7. Hey guys, Sedina getting Botox at livo hahaha. She has to get ready for her movie call ” the witch is out of town” stay tune for next week. Do u guys should know that Sophia doesn’t have time for this crap n she doesn’t give a shit about what people think. She has loving family with successful business and supportive husband. Get a life Sedina or go and clean the toilet in Hollywood. The truth will be out soon. By the way Sedina was on CentreLink when she was working for previous owner Feda Arifaki and they both dodge. She fraud the CentreLink and ATO. So does Feda Arifaki. Feda owes metosh $3000 wages and refuse to pay her and try to find the reason to get rid of her. I think Feda is the one should be responsible for Sedina witch. Sedina you should fix up your eyebrows as Johnny look scary and may be you need to do eyes surgery too.. I know everything about Sedina and Feda. If I were you , Sedina I will tell all your friend rubbish comments to be STOP.

  8. First of all I dont know Sedina on a personal level but I know she was a great customer service rep for the store. i just found it funny that one of Sophia’s friends ivanna or the other girl I think Metosh or Sophia herself have replied to my comment. I was just having a laugh and I was dying to join in after staff from a Liverpool store ( sorry guys cant say who as they know who i am) told me all about this fiasco. Everyone around the centre knows what happened, there are many stories floating around but the story i got about Sedina being sick and having to work a long shift is the story being told by many liverpool staff members and from some articles, so its not rocket science. Anyway I have to get back to work, I dont think I will be back on this site as it doesnt seem there is legit members chatting , its all a load of bull, get real people . IE, girl known as another Natasha, your last comment seemed to be getting very personal, I didnt see not one comment from anyone else getting personal about any of the current staff at Modestie, that just proved to me who is the adult here .

    • The reason there are no comments about current staff at Modestie is because they are not sacked. The reason they are not sacked is because they are real workers. They are real workers because they don’t live in a synthetic world like Sedistic Sedina.

      The reason you’re on this forum reading my comment is simply because, baby, this is the real deal, you don’t get closer to the facts than these comments…this is the inside.. the real mccoy, learn to accept it.

      Maybe you and I should go out for coffee, you still at work or what?

    • Glad to know I hurt your feelings Sedina 🙂

      As an actual customer of the store, you were so rude to me so many times in store that I eventually avoided coming in while you were working. I’m sure with some thought you will know who I am.

      I’m glad to see your trying to keep it professional here, albeit with well versed attacks.

      If your serious about a career perhaps you should keep quiet, I mean your IP address is easily traceable and you wouldn’t want any more public attention now would you?

      The media bought your story, for cash that is, not literally. Even the interviewer made some negative comments about you after it. If I were you, I’d never check this site again unless you want to risk upsetting those involved and losing your payout.

      Free Advice =)

      • I’m a personal friend of Sedina but I work in Liverpool Westfields and heard about this pathetic website. I called Sedina to ask if she had read it, she just laughed and simply said she wasn’t going to stoop down to your level and even read the comments let alone reply. Real mature guys.

  9. Time for some facts for the people who aren’t acutally related to the story.


    1. Sedina was rehired when the business was sold and had only been working for the current owner for 8 weeks.

    2. Sedina had many customer complaints, with even Westfields centre management complaining about her themselves!

    3. Sedina was formally warned for behaviour towards several times prior to being fired.

    4. Sedina was a CASUAL, which means she needs no warning of any kind to be dismissed and believe it or not there is nostatue that states it is against the law to be dismissed via sms.

    5. Sedina never bothered to pick up her own pay slips which shows how serious she took the work indeed.

    6. Sedina, whilst over 30 years old and still on centrelink has been fired (not resigned) from three other places since this happened. Her customer service skills really are that awesome! Consisting usually of insults, bitching and generally rude behaviour.

    7. Natasha is evidently Sedina, with lies and falacies, so I have decided to post as Natasha too! Ivanna did not offer to start early Sedina, come on you know this. You called her at 3-4am and told her to go in. Then when you got caught arriving late, you pleaded with her to lie about it… your forgetting your own stories now…

    8. Sedina got a measly $500 bucks for the story from the media.

    9. Sedina will not see 1c from the supposed outcome, but the $500 should get her one botox injection, the first of many.

    10. Sedina would have not been fired if she was doing her job, seriously it was the Christmas season, the busiest time of the year for retail and still she got fired? Obvoiusly she wasn’t any good.

    11. Sedina isn’t going anywhere, she’s busy trying to secure her $9992 payout, but that aint going to happen sweety.

    That is all.

    • I’m sorry but are all the workers from Modestie online here posting? I walked into the shop earlier and heard some girl speak about it (in very bad English) to the other worker and think of comments they could come up with. I wasn’t even looked at twice, so I’ve decided to go home, find this web page and comment at how badly your customer service is. I don’t know Sedina but she should be glad she got away a group of women who have nothing to do but gossip. Nice customer service guys, I’ll never enter there again!!

      • Hey mate I’m a member of the general public and I live no where near Liverpool. By the way is Lib short for Libra? Cos I think you’ve just had your periods.

        • Ok your comment shows as much intelligence and maturity as a 2 year old kid. All you’re doing here is putting your own business down.

          • I don’t actually own a business. I work for a company in the city, which is a civilised area. Where do you work?

            Well the real question is, do you work? Or were you sacked for being a lazy employee like Ms Hurricane Eyebrows over there…

      • That’s alright Lib you probably never bought anything from there anyways lol

  10. Michelle says

    OMG!!!! Sedina is victim??? Hahaha how funny. I think people should know that since Sedina left from the store, the store got more customers and I’m one of the VIP now go back regularly. No one wants to see her long ugly face with big eyes ball and I agree with Lara ” she does have smelly mouth” LOL . She talk shit and cannot stand her scary eyes. People should know that she’s not normal. If she’s normal and act like a lady, she wouldn’t exposed her self. So what she get sacked and take bloody 10000 and pissed off to Hollywood as she described on her FB. And she didn’t, she wants to become famous and show off the photo bloody taken 3 years ago and chilled out??? Get a life Sedina!, you cannot even find a boyfriend and you are over 30. Live with concept and dignity. Which you don’t have anyway. You are setting your self up not to ever get a job so you might as well off to Hollywood to become cleaner!!!!!!!! Stop ruin other people life because you don’t have a life. It will back fire you. I respect Sophia and I dealt with her every week. She’s nothing but sweet and very respectful lady. She’s a lady and you are shit.

    • If she can’t find a boyfriend I’ll take her, but as long as Modestie has something I can buy that can cover her face: I don’t want to be staring at that gargoyle-like head.

  11. Hey all of you, this case isn’t over yet. You all don’t know what Sedina did to Sophia. Those of you all stick up for SEDINA think she ‘s a victim? Just wait and see for the truth and it will be revealing sooner than you all think. Sedina is nothing but full of shit. She doesn’t even tell her boss on her working day, one garment was stolen and hide it from the boss. Flirt with her Moran Adam inside the store room. Talking loud with smelly mouth to customers and you all said, she’s a good person? Anyway just wait for the truth and stay tune of movie call ” Sedina Big Day”. I hope that justice will be on Sophia Side this time.

    • I really can’t stand women who, for starters don’t brush their teeth, secondly who don’t know how to do their eyebrows.


  12. LOL @ Natasha

  13. Hey guys I cant find the SMH video, someone send me the link !
    Dolly Me Up, all the way lol

  14. When did Metosh work there guys , I dont remember her being at the shop, I was a customer for almost a year and I have never seen her there !

    • Metosh is HOT!!!!!!!!!! She’s usually the person glowing with a bright halo above her head :-p

  15. I just watch interview of Sophia at SMH web and That Sedina bimbo blonde is the one that really deserve to be fire. She’s an actress? Which part of movie? What sort of acting involvement? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe P… Star??? I think Sophia is so normal and Oh Sedina eyes oops such gross. Seriously blonde you won’t be getting any retail job anywhere after this. Say bye to Retail foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sedina hahahaha. You’ll do anything for money? I hope Karma will chase you to the end.

    • This is by far the most pathetic comment I have ever read in my life and I don’t even know the people involved. 1: Please learn to talk properly before commenting. 2: You have so much free time to write these comments about a girl who just stood up for herself? All the workers from this shop can be found here, while ‘Sedina’ has not even bothered to comment once by the looks of it. Shows who really needs to grow up.

      • Sedina is off on holidays, didn’t you read her Facebook status? Or she could be at the beautician fixing her eyebrows after her agent got embarrassed when she showed her head with scrunched up eyebrows on TV. There goes her acting career too…

  16. HJ, funny comment, I was thinking the same thing, I think the owner is a trannie!
    As for Anthony’s comment about Sedina being a schizophrenic, your clearly a fake log in which makes you either a) friend of Sophia b) friend of Ivanna c) a friend of Mitosh or d) all of the above ! i think only real customers should be commenting. Thanks guys at Livo for telling me about this page, so much fun.

    • Have you taken a look at the fake model photo (Black and White of course) that was supplied to the media by Sedina? Compare that to the freakshow that appeared on A Current Affair (refer to eyebrows and age marks all over face)… Take a deep breath, now re-evaluate your opinion. The facts are there baby, it’s all in the eyes. Sedina is in damage control, and Sophia is…quite simply put…in control.

  17. This is the funniest entertainment ever……I never thought this kind of action would happen in Liverpool ! First of all I was a legit customer of Modestie and Sedina was Awesome.This is the hottest topic in Livo now and for everyone that is asking why Sedina swapped her shift , well derrrrrrrr, she was sick after a 15 hour shift the girl was in no shape to start work at the rostered time the following day. Apparently Ivanna offered to start early so Sedina can get some rest . Sedina could of easily called in sick but opted to just start a little later to get some much needed rest . 2nd of all, in relation to Sedina swapping a shift with a junior, that particular junior Ivanna, was many times rostered alone in the shop as I myself was served by her on a number of occasions. So if the junior wasn’t up to scratch, the OWNER should have never left her in charge or should of trained her in a manner where she would be more diligent in her job. IE. a woman steals $5000 worth of stock, shoving them in a box in a trolley, hello alarm bells !!! And then the thief walks out, then the alarm goes off, Ivanna checks trolley without looking in the box then shows thief the way out. Outcome: Sedina gets fired over a sms, WHAT THE HELL !! Funny story. I hope you find the best job Sedina, when you do, let us all know so we can be charmed by your beautiful customer service.

    • Are you serious girl, I saw her racking up a few lines the night before in the cross…I didn’t want to say anything because she looked too scary. I thought someone went up and ruined her eyebrows but when I got up close it occurred to me that she was naturally scary looking. That’s why I still recognise the image of her face now. It’s quite tormenting really.

  18. Sedina.. why the long face??? LOL

    • Oh yeah Long Face with big eyes ball. LoL. She can be in witch movie and call her self as actress

  19. Ive been at working at modestie for over 3 years I started off as a manager and I worked with Sedina who was only a casual and worked 8 hours a week. While I was working at modestie with Sedina and her coworkers they constantly made my work life they abused me through messages made fun of my English and they got involved in my personal life. I left modestie with the previous owners and went overseas for a holiday. When I got back I found through word of mouth that I had lost my job because Sedina and her friends accused me of stealing to say the least. When I confronted them they had no proof and didn’t want to speak to me. I left and didn’t look back but it wasn’t until Sophia contacted me after she had fired Sedina so I could come and work for her. Sedina only worked with Sophia for 8 weeks and Sedina and the other casual were under 3 months probation so Sophia has every right to fire her without warning but that was not the case because she got 2 verbal warnings one of them being 1 week before she got fired. Sedina claims to be an actress and she’s obviously doing a great job acting now!

    • The only acting job Sedina has is on some unknown Bosnian series on Channel 31. I think she plays a clown or something. If she fixed her eyebrows (have you seriously had a look at them?) then she’ll perhaps progress onto some mainstream channels doing backup dancing or whatever.

    • Love you girls!! The centre is so much better without her 😛

  20. I think jack should read Sophia comments properly as Sedina plan very well for this hiring lawyer and by the way the lawyer seems like to have a fame too. I feel sorry for Sophia as how much she would be going through? Loosing over $5000 good being stolen from her store because of her laziness and late for work and now Sophia has to compensate her $10000. What a joke. The judge Ian Cambridge obviously not doing the right thing.

    • English please? This comment is written just as badly as Sophias above, who I assume is the employer.

      • Hey Glen get a life. Who cares about English? This is multi culture country. You must be one of the actor from Sedina Film hahahahaha.

        • and you must be an uneducated, dumb person who has an IQ of a mentally challenged monkey. Maybe if you spoke better, you could articulate yourself in a more precise way and possible get a point across.

          • You could actually begin by using correct English grammar yourself. When you begin a sentence, you use a capital letter. Also, the use of the word “possible” needs to be in the adverb form i.e (id est which is Latin for “that is”) –> “possibly”.

            Okay that’s all, your paragraph is suddenly now readible whereas before it wasn’t.

          • You mean possibly Glen. For someone who had the benefit of schooling here you should know better. An uneducated, dumb person, as opposed to an uneducated smart one like yourself..? Paradox much?

      • That was English, just poorly written. Still if you can’t make sense out of it, then you shouldn’t bother reading these comments. Some people don’t have the linguistic skills down to a T, but they still have the right to express their opinions. Such a petty remark from you must evidently make you Sedina no? Take a chill pill girl!! Youve got the looks, shame about the brains though! Your a dime a dosen honey.

  21. OMG, Sedina should grow up and live in real world that this is 21st century and if you do your job properly you wouldn’t have been sacked.obviously you lazy bimbo blonde wants to use your image to get sympathy from people and try to advertise with more different photo? She must be not working and waiting for big pay out and attacking the owner? By the way, her eyes look like above to fall out from the greediness.. Seriously people shouldn’t wasting time on her.maybe Sophia using the method of texting her to avoid her craziness.I’m on Sophia team…….go for it Sophia.

  22. marie johnson says

    Show a good work ethic and you’ll be employed for life. She was late and changed shifts without authority. Last time I checked, employers don’t ask good staff to leave. Whatever the medium is to deliver it – who cares? Yawn Move on Princess. Boring story….isn’t this a news site?

    • Copying and pasting comments from SMH? Hahahahaha get a life guys. Did you see the ACA clip? Evidently this employer is a moron. People commenting saying “Sedina is a lazy worker”? Do you know Sedina? Have you seen her work? I’m sure she wouldn’t have been working in the store for 2 years under an old employer as the manager was she a lazy employer. I think Sophia is just a bit of nut case based on what I saw on ACA. Was it the case that Sedina was a bad employee, a text message is not the way to go for anyone! People commenting here make no sense, have little grammar skills and cannot spell. Shows just how high the intellectual capacity is. Also, I have read the comment on SMH and there is so much support for Sedina that this forum is clearly full of bias.

      • Ivo, do you actually read the 103 comments? Maybe 8 or 10 bad comments about Sophia and the rest is for your lazy blonde. You must be drunk to saying opposite..

      • Did it ever occur to you that the SMH forum is moderated? Hmmm something to think about buddy….bias..hahaha

    • Show good work ethic and you’ll be employed for life? Seriously guys I can name 10 different employers I know now that sack hard working employees all the time. Employees go through so much crap form employers from hell, this case is just another example of it. I wished that this poor girl got $100,000 out of it for the unethical work code shown by Modestie. I know neither the employee nor employer, but reading these comments it really does look like all the workers from the shop were asked to come and leave comments to stand up for the employer. Good on you Sedina for standing up for all employees in the country!

      • You are a complete idiot. That is all.

      • What about employees who get caught red handed? Do they not deserve the end of the whip or not? Doesn’t look like you’ve ever owned a business (neither have I) but at least I can imagine what it would be like owning one.

  23. based on the picture maybe she should work in radio?

  24. what a head! can i ask… truly now… is she a trannie? im not joking, im being serious. is she?

  25. @ Ivanna. Job incorrectly? Weren’t you the one who was left in the store when lady walked outside setting the alarm off with over 5000 dollar worth of clothes and did nothing? This article is a joke! I’ve been working in Liverpool Westfields for over 2 years and have never been treated badly by Sedina, and I use to come to the shop regulary. I never did visited the shop after what they did to Sedina. It makes me sick just walking by the shop. These comments are an even bigger joke considering they all came from Modestie workers and their friends and boyfriends!

    • yeah Gio, she was left in the shop because your stupid friend sedina changed her shift without informing her employer. if i was her boss i wouldve sacked her as well. and who do you think is sticking up for sedina in this forum, nobody but her friends…. why dont you go to the bigger foum SMH where 99% of the comments left are in sophia favor! how embarrasing for your friend. i must say we have been having the biggest laugh at the comments about her! too bad she didnt have enough friends to weigh out all the negativity written there hahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahha

      • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 99%?? what kind of SMH are you reading??? “I was afraid she would bash me and punch me” your boss is so dumb, she should bury her business right now! The entire nation was in stitches after seeing that. Please everyone knows all these stupid useless comments came from Modestie workers, and you copied and paste only the negative comments from SMH, it just shows AGAIN how pathetic this company really is.

        • Gio r u insurance??? Lol I think Sedina is the one that should buried her self as she likes to be famous and exposed to ruin other honest and living normal people. I agree with Cieo that you should go and read bigger forum Smh to find out about Sedina. Sophia should be proud of her self to get rid of this crazy person. The law has let her down.

  26. Sophia Sarkis says

    I think people should hear the side of my story. Firstly I want to responds to Bec (nickname) which I knew you very well.If I wasn’t nice person at all although you do not work for me and as a friend of Sedina, I invite you as well out when we have staff dinner. I would like to correct the false accusation that she made. She wasn’t working for me 2 yrs. How can she worked for me 2yrs when I just sign up the lease with westfield couple of weeks ago. I employed her on 1st of November 2010 and I sacked her on 26th of December based on unreliable performance and so many complaints that I received from customers as well as bad behavior. She has aggressive personality which make me to send her text msgs. If she was a normal person, I would have handle it in different way. This just shows me that she was looking more opportunity to make more money and fame. staff and owner from Westfield Liverpool and no one can stand her and I sincerely hope that people shouldn’t make conclusion about me as I’m ignorant or rude as how I get described by this Sid person. All I can say is I am normal who’s happily married with 2 kids and living in normal life. Sedina is the same age as me and she has nothing better to do rather then looking for fame where she has no one but herself. But the funny thing is how can she assume herself as she won??? I would like to thanks to those people who stick up for and I also do not blame for people who stick up for her. Only I trust myself and god knows the true about me.Also she does not relaised herself that “after all these fame, does any small business owner will hire her and put their self in the same situation as me”? Where is the fairness? In my understanding the unfair dismissal applies to those employee who worked minimum 12 mths period and she has only worked for 8 weeks based on probation and trial.

    • Regardless was she working for you 2 years or 2 months, Sedina proved that this was an unfair dismissal in the tribunal and awarded a grant. You lost darling due to your flimsy case.

      • A good pay-out Just in time for the end of the financial year, a bit of publicity in the paper to boost her flagging career as an actor.
        What a shame Big Brother is no longer with us, I am, sure a parachute role would have been just perfect for her.

      • She swapped shifts with an apparently unreliable employee who was already walking on thin ice… on Christmas Eve, which I assume would have been a busy retail day.

        I’d be a frustrated boss too. I can sorta understand the “not taking your job seriously” concern.

  27. Im ivanna and i was the junior left in charge. I could have very well lost my job as well as sedina but despite our short time working with sophia i never had any problems with sophia or any customer or salesperson unlike sedina. The complaints from customers and people who worked in the centre were well above average and she did get 2 warnings before being let go. As a casual worker she really didnt need any notice but sophia did it anyway. I continue working for sophia and ive had no dramas to date and that should be the case with anyone who does their job correctly which unfortunately sedina did not. I did feel some sort of sympathy for sedina but after this petty attempt of getting 5 minutes of fame my opinion has been changed.

    • Hmmm.. Once again, funny how as soon as 1 single negative light was shed upon Sophia or Sedina in a positive light the ‘junior’ Ivanna immediately finds this article and leaves a comment. I wonder if Ivanna had anything to do with the above comments from IV or VI?

  28. Really funny how suddenly all people who have been in the shop all comment here, in about the same time frame and all of them with similar names to the actual workers in Modestie, all being against Sedina? Something there isn’t right. Can I add I also work in Liverpool Westfields, I know both Sedina and Sophia and Sedina a lovely, beautiful person. I have never been treated badly by her and I can say i have been treated rudely by Sophia before.

  29. EXCUSE ME?!?! I have just read these comments and this has to be a joke right? Sedina is a lovely, wonderful person who had friends left, right and center. I think that all these posts above might be Sophie getting her new employers to leave false statements. I’ve shopped in the store before, and have been served by Sedina and all anyone ever received from her were nice manners. She worked tirelessly for 2 years at that store, as soon as Sophia took over Sedina was sacked. This wasn’t because Sedina is a bad employee, but Sophia is just a bad, jealous person. Not once was I greeted welcomely when I went back to the store after Sedina was sacked. She deserved ever penny she got! Also can I add, the fact that Sedina studied acting has got nothing to do with being unfairly treated. How would you react were you sacked by SMS, for no reasons, without being given a chance to talk?

    • Thanks for all the info Sid. I mentioned about the acting only to show that Sedina had other options than just retailing.

      • Sid is the impersonator of Sedina LMAO. This is way of Sedina talking EXCUSE ME? Everyone who deal with Sedina know this tone. Poor you,you stick up for yourself…..

  30. I have to agree with all of these people! I have been a customer of this store for quite a while now and to hear that Sedina got 10,000 for something like is! Are you serious? ‘Sedina looking chilled out while getting 10000 dollars’ What kinda of claim is that? I would of fired her too if she was managing my store the way she managed Modesite, she was rude to customers, left a junior to manage the store and BLAMED the junior when all of those things got stolen! What kinda of manager pin points at people, when really she should have looked at herself first. Yes the law might see that her firing was unfair, but she shouldn’t be blaming Sophia, but blaming herself! The whole of Liverpool Westfields knows how she is and what she used to do! So stop putting Sophia down, she is a beautiful person and has always made me feel welcomed in her store!

  31. i have to agree with lin, there seems to be alot more to this story and sophia is definitely not the type of person that sedina is making her out to be. it seems that sedina is trying to further her acting career by drawing attention to herself, that is all.

    • You could be right there Marjie. It smells a bit like a Kim Duthie type self-promotion. Sedina like Kim certainly seems to have a sense of “I am the victim here and people are not giving me enough sympathy”. It would be good if someone who knows Sedina well has a comment to add. There have certainly been enough people sticking up for Sophia.

  32. Anthony Garcia says

    What a joke, have worked in the same center as Sedina and have witnessed her schizophrenic outbursts over things that “normal’ people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at.
    Funny how she has left out the fact that the day she was late for work , she left a junior in charge and the store got robbed with national coverage !!
    The fact that she was rewarded $10,000 for this offence is outrageous.
    Money could have been spent on the less fortunate and people whom are much more deserving !

    • Hi Anthony, Thanks for the eyewitness info. I appreciate your contribution to the debate.

    • Once again, I’m pretty sure she needs the $10,000 for eyebrow and other face enhancements…she’s a woman in need….LOL

      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (John Milton)

  33. Well its not really fair the store was up for 2 months and she doesn’t even have proof that she worked in the store for 2 years. Wheres the fairness in that. And in November or something there was an incident where Sedina Sokolovic was supposed to be in charge but she was late and the store was robbed of 5200 dollars worth of clothes of course she was going to fire the person that was supposed to be in charge. So before you write something make sure you get the full story.

    • Hi Victor, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am aware of the other factors but the story angle is more about the employment law issues. I think Sophia was probably justified in sacking Sedina for an accumulation of problems, but she went about it the wrong way. That is the problem with instant messaging. Regardless of how nice Sophia is or how much Sedina deserved to lose her job, the law says that Sophia went about it the wrong way and fined her accordingly. At the end of the day Sophia got what she wanted – to get rid of Sedina. It just cost her a few thousand to do it.

      • Hey Griff. You’ve raised some good points there, however there is no law against dismissing employees by text message. The reason the case is a topic is it sets a precedent. However this will most likely be appealed as the implications for the 21st century would be significant. Given the circumstances, that is having being forewarned and only being a casual the decision should have went the other way. I’m willing to bet this will be overturned in a similar case soon.

        • Thanks for that. Yes each case has a unique set of facts. It might also take the judges a while to catch up with how the rest of the world uses digital technology.

      • Griff, may I correct the story? She was never working there for 2 yrs legally. She was on CentreLink payment.Previous owner Feda should know.they both scumbags.Sedina need face lift,lip enhancement,Botox,butt implant, teeth whitening and mouth wash. It will be enough with 10 grand. Hahaha. Sophia has given you donation for change your self.

  34. I dont think sophia is the type of person to do this. there’s more to this incident than it seems and is not the full story. she’s a fair person and treats everyone equally.

    • Hi Lin, Thank you for adding your comments. When it comes to employment law it is more about how something is done rather than what is done. It is highly likely that Sophia got frustrated over a number of issues and sent off the text. I don’t think Sedina is lilly white here but the law is on her side in terms of process. It is great to hear Sophia is a good person. It was an expensive way to get rid of an unwanted staff member though.