May 21, 2019

Second body seen in Pike River coal mine

After a second body is seen on video footage, it is time to act. Retrieve the bodies please. Give the families closure.

A second body has been spotted in video footage taken from the scene of New Zealand’s Pike River mine disaster, victims families say.

Bernie Monk, spokesman for families of the 29 men who died at Pike River, said police had found what looked like a body after reviewing footage from a camera lowered down a borehole into the explosion-hit mine.

It is the second suspected body to be found at the mine.

Police last month confirmed a forensic pathologist was “very highly suspicious” he had detected a fully clothed person lying face down in the mine while reviewing footage taken in February.

The discovery strengthens families’ resolve to campaign for mines rescue teams to retrieve their loved ones, Mr Monk says.

“It means they’re not incinerated. They’re there waiting for us to go get them.”