May 22, 2019

South African President Zuma to visit Libya’s Gaddafi

I have had a brilliant idea. I shall go to Libya and arrange a ceasefire. Why do I have a strange feeling of deja vu?

South African President Jacob Zuma is to visit Libya next week for talks with Western Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to a statement on the South African leader’s website.

Zuma will meet Gaddafi in Tripoli on Monday in “his capacity as a member of the African Union high level panel for the resolution of the conflict in Libya,” the statement said. That is a sensational name for a panel – so descriptive.

The African Union panel to Libya includes Uganda, Mauritania and South Africa.

President Zuma was part of the African Union delegation that visited Libya last month.

That visit included talks on a cease-fire, but the firing has yet to cease.

South Africa and Libya have been arguing over the fate of South African photojournalist Anton Hammerl, who has been missing in Libya since April and is believed dead.

South Africa says it got assurances from Libya that the journalist was alive. But a Libyan government spokesman said his whereabouts are unknown. Yes thats right of course you can trust us. He is alive. We just don’t know which part of Libya he is alive in.

“We never had him with us at any stage,” spokesman Musa Ibrahim said. Ok so they never had Anton over at their house for a sleepover.
But where is he? How do you know he is alive? how are you going to get the NATO airstrikes called off while Jacob is visiting?