August 22, 2019

South Korea row over miniskirts in school

Newswarped estimates that at the current rising rates of hemlines, within 5 years the high school girls in South Korea might as well not bother putting their skirts on.

The fashion trend in South Korea for school girls to wear their uniform skirts as short as possible has caused a row over funding in Gangwon Province.

The issue is not the length of the skirts, but what lengths the local education board will go to make the young ladies feel comfortable.

The Gangwon Province Education Board has announced plans to place boards in front of all school desks, to make students more “comfortable”.

By this they mean girls in miniskirts. The fatherly education board wants them to be able to sit down without fear of exposing anything beneath the skirt for general exhibition.

The problem is that putting the boards on the front of the 50,000 desks in the area will cost around $700,000.

The education board says the wooden boards are necessary to “help students sit more comfortably in class”. Well they would say that wouldn’t they. Boards will tend to stick together after all.

One survey, quoted by local media says that school skirt hemlines in South Korea have reportedly risen 10-15cm in the last decade.

The Education Board claims it has the support of the teachers who are anxious to avoid any “unnecessary misunderstandings”. We are assuming they mean a teacher looking at a student and being accussed of looking below the desk top as well as above.

The Teachers’ Federation has attacked the plan however, calling it a waste of money.

It says the matter would be much more easily and cheaply resolved, if the schools simply enforced the school uniform rules about skirt length.

Newswarped agrees with the Teachers’ Federation. If girls want to wear very short skirts that is their decision. A consequence of that decision is that when they sit down their knickers are exposed. Surely it is a simple choice for them. If they don’t want to flash the contents of their skirt then wear it a bit longer.

Isn’t it good that we can discuss all the major problems of the world such as the length of school skirts in South Korea?


  1. Good to see that the students’ rights to wear what they feel like is not being encroached upon.

    Also good to see that the women are exercising their freedom and enjoying it.