June 19, 2019

Spider surprise with pizza delivery

You can't get much fresher than a live spider in a meatlovers pizza.

A Domino’s customer has ended up discovering a bonus white-tailed spider hiding in the box of his meatlovers pizza delivered last week.

The Palmerston North man announced his “Dominos Pizza of Death” on the Trademe forum website.

“My guess is it probably came out of the (delivery) guy’s car,” said the 25-year-old, who asked not to be named.

“It had a big white tail … for all I know it could have been walking all over it, but no-one was hurt and that’s the main thing I suppose.”

He complained to management at the Pioneer Highway store, who immediately sent a staff member to collect the spider.

“I said ‘how the hell is the person going to bring it back?'”

“But I found an old coffee jar and put it in that.”

“They came straight away, they were good about it. They gave my money back ($28), and I didn’t want a replacement, but they offered me one.”

Domino’s New Zealand general manager Josh Kilimnik said the customer got an apology, a refund and a free pizza.

He said the spider would be sent for testing to see if it had gone through the pizza ovens.

“It’s very rare for us to see this in any store but we do take it seriously. We have to follow procedure because we are an international brand and our customers expect that.”

Kilimnik said delivery cars were inspected at the start of “most shifts”.

“When this becomes a food-carrying device we need to make sure it’s 100 per cent up to scratch and if it’s not then that person can no longer deliver a pizza. It’s that strict, it’s just got to be.”

Newswarped is a little sceptical that Domino’s is to blame on this one. They have high standards of cleanliness in their stores and the pizzas’ are transported in satchels in the delivery cars. Let us offer up the theory that perhaps the spider crawled into the box from the complaining customers floor. White tails seem to like wandering around on carpet. They are more of a ground level kind of critter.

Not sure what the problem was. The spider was just added meat on a meatlover’s pizza. White tail spiders are carnivores so it is only natural that they might be attracted to a meatlovers pizza.