March 19, 2019

Storms hinder tornado rescue efforts in Joplin

newswarped is a bit sad about showing destruction and others misfortune. Instead here is a picture of downtown Joplin as it was - and will be again.

Severe thunderstorms are hindering search and rescue efforts in Joplin, Missouri, where a devastating tornado struck on Sunday.

The tornado tore through Joplin, killing at least 116 people and injuring hundreds more. Officials are expecting the death toll to rise as they search through the wrecked town.

Joplin official Mark Rohr said the storm cut a path 10 kilometres long and 800 metres wide, flattening buildings in its path and damaging a hospital that had to be evacuated. 50,000 people live in Joplin.

As rescue efforts continue, strong winds and hail are hitting the city, much of which is without power telephone services.

Missouri governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and warned that more storms are on the way.

Cities in three other Midwestern states have also been badly affected. At least one person was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Last month, tornadoes and storms killed at least 350 people in Alabama and six other southern states.

“There was a loud huffing noise, my windows started popping. I had to get downstairs, glass was flying. I opened a closet and pulled myself into it,” Jeff Lehr, a reporter for the Joplin Globe newspaper, told the Associated Press.

“Then you could hear everything go. It tore the roof off my house, everybody’s house. I came outside and there was nothing left.”

Much of the city’s south side is reported to have been levelled, with churches, schools, businesses and homes reduced to rubble.

It is incredible that despite the storm sirens sounding for 20 minutes before the tornado struck, that so many people have lost their lives. It would have been much worse if there was no warning. The level of destruction is tremendous.