July 18, 2019

Taliban kill 35 construction workers in ambush

Unfortunately the road construction crews usually work in perfect ambush country.

At least 35 construction workers have been killed and 20 injured in an attack by Taliban insurgents in eastern Afghanistan.

It is reported that eight insurgents were also killed in the fighting as construction camp guards returned fire.

The attack happened at 0200 hours on Wednesday night at a road construction camp in the mountainous district of the highway linking Paktia and Khost provinces.

The firefight between company guards and the Taliban insurgents is said to have lasted for two hours.

The head of the construction company, Galaxy Star, said they were attacked by more than 100 fighters.

“They [the Taliban] destroyed a lot of our equipment including vehicles and equipment used for road construction,” Noorullah Bidar said.

“We don’t know why they attacked us… they are doing this to prevent reconstruction in Afghanistan.”

The Taliban confirmed it had carried out the attack.

Once again we have workers earning a living through hard work, being killed by people who are really just gangsters.

It is common practice in the more remote parts of Afghanistan for construction companies like Galaxy Star, to have to pay ‘tax’ to local Taliban commanders in the same way that shop keepers have to pay ‘protection money’ to mobsters.

Newswarped thinks the Taliban have no regard for true Islam. Islam does not preach random violence against fellow Muslims.

When we distill their movement down to the facts, the Taliban leadership have basically brainwashed themselves that they are doing a good thing. In truth they are just power hungry, murdering scum.