September 17, 2019

Teacher ‘struck off’ after posing for Penthouse

Yes its disgusting. Bringing teachers into disrepute all over the show. Stop sniggering class.

A former teacher in Auckland, New Zealand has been deregistered after posing nude for Penthouse magazine.

Rachel Whitwell, a teacher and model was investigated by the New Zealand Teachers Council (NZTC) after a member of the public complained her actions had brought the profession into disrepute.

Rachel Whitwell was featured in Penthouse magazine’s Australian and New Zealand editions in “various states of undress, including totally naked”.

The magazine quoted Rachel Whitwell as saying: “I am submissive in the bedroom because during the day I have to be in control in the classroom.”

There were a number of photos with a school theme, including using a desk, and other with Rachel wearing ‘teacher like’ glasses and not much else.

In submissions to NZTC’s complaints assessment committee, Rachel said Penthouse was a lawful publication and she had done nothing illegal.

She said she was not working as teacher when she posed for the photographs.

“I simply modelled for some photographs in my role as a model, not as a teacher.”

“Even if I was teaching I do not believe that you or the NZTC has any right to impose Victorian moral opinions on my life outside the classroom.”

NZTC found Ms Whitwell’s actions constituted serious misconduct, reflecting badly on her fitness to be a teacher and the profession as a whole.

It ordered she be deregistered and pay costs associated with the disciplinary process.

Rachel Whitwell today said she had no idea the magazine would highlight her work as a teacher. Newswarped thinks this is a bit of a stretch. It is hard to imagine that being photographed with ‘school’ props would not lead Rachel to think that her profession might get the odd mention.

“I take on a lot of different modelling assignments, this was one of them. I’m not the editor of that magazine, I didn’t decide to put that content in,” she told Radio New Zealand.

“I gave up being a teacher about a year ago to pursue another occupation, which is modelling.”

Rachel said she was not interviewed by the magazine and the article’s quotes were the product of “editorial licence”. This makes the world of ‘men’s’ magazines sound more like politics, where most of the words uttered by our glorious leaders are scripted by someone else.

She plans to appeal NZTC’s decision.

Newswarped is not a fan of pornography, but if a teacher wants to get her kit off, then surely that is her business. She wasn’t doing anything illegal.

The are not going to see her Penthouse photos. The only people who might are the occassional dad, and there could be one positive there.

At least some of the dads’ might be keener than usual to pick the kids up from school and go to parent/teacher interviews.