June 19, 2019

Tropical storm hammers Fukushima nuclear plant

Earthquake, tsunami, and now a typhoon. Just another day at Fukushima. The volcanic eruption is booked in for next month.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has suspended outdoor work at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant as a tropical strom hammers the north-east coast of Japan.

The storm comes just days after, TEPCO admitted that it was not prepared for bad weather.

Heavy rain and strong winds from former typhoon Songda are hitting the coast of north-east Japan, which was devastated in the 11th March earthquake and tsunami.

Typhoon Songda weakened to a tropical storm over south-west Japan late on Sunday, but strong winds and rain have continued to pound the north-east of the country.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency has warned that there are likely to be mudslides and floods in the area.

There incresing fears that more radioactive material from the Fukushima plant could drain into the land and sea.

TEPCO said it was on alert to ensure that contaminated water in reactor buildings did not flow out. Whether or not they are in a position to ‘ensure’ anything is another matter.

The level of water in the basement of one of the six reactor buildings rose by nearly 20cm in 24 hours to nearly 6m, Tepco said early on Monday.

“We presume the level of water has risen due to the rainwater which has seeped into the ground,” said spokesman Junichi Matsumoto. Geniuses they are. Certified geniuses.

A special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan criticised Tepco on Saturday, saying that the current safety measures at the plant “cannot be said to be appropriate”.

How unusual is that? A politician distancing himself from something that has turned into a long running disaster movie. Newswarped thinks that it might be too late for Naoto Kan.

Already far too much radioactive water has seeped into his political career and is contaminating anything he might do or say in the future. It is possible that he might be forced to fall on his sword in a public display of responsibility taking, sooner rather than later.

Who would want to be a TEPCO executive at the moment? Years of trouble free operations and getting fat on mega salaries and bonuses. Now nature has made them earn every cent. Poor darlings. Anyone feeling sorry for them yet?