September 23, 2019

William and Catherine’s Canada tour set to be global event

It is not often that a royal tour to Canada becomes a global event.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are undertaking their first royal tour to Canada between 30th June and 8th July 2011.

When the royal tour was announced in February by Canada Governor General David Johnston, it caused a minor ripple.

Now that the royal couple have become global celebrities following their wedding watched by an estimated 2 billion people, the tour has fast become one of the most anticipated royal tours for decades.

William and Catherine are scheduled to visit Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and the National Capital Region.

Their first royal tour as a married couple is likely to become a global event with Canada as the stage.

Tourism Canada must be licking their chops in anticipation of nine days of scenic photo opportunities.

Just to raise the bar on the number of media outlets that will be trailing around after the royal couple and chronicling their every move, the announcement of a three day visit to California following Canada will amplify the coverage.

The US media outlets will be keen to use the Canada tour coverage to wet the apetite of the American viewing public before California.

America still has fond memories of Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana in her first visit to the states.