June 25, 2019

108 year-old man released from jail

Brij Bihari Pandey on the town with the lads celebrating his release from jail.

A 108-year-old man has been freed from jail in India after serving two years of a life sentence for his role in committing multiple murders in 1987.

Brij Bihari Pandey was freed following a successful application for his release on the grounds of ill health.

“The man was released on Friday evening following a bail order issued by the high court on grounds of ill-health due to old age,” district official Hari Om said.

Pandey, was convicted alongwith 15 others in 2009 for their roles in the 1987 murders of four people over the inheritance of a Hindu religious institution.

The trial ended up dragging on for more than 20 years before a verdict was finally reached.

Pandey’s release was sought by prison authorities, who found it difficult to provide medical treatment.

The centenarian convict could hardly speak when he was released, but managed to express his delight by smiling and hugging his fellow inmates. We hope they didn’t squeeze him too hard.

“God is great, thank you,” Pandey reportedly said upon his release from jail.

I don’t know – life means life doesn’t it? Fancy letting a 108 year old guy out. He has definitely got to be a major threat to society. How do we know I has been rehabilitated?