August 22, 2019

Another ash cloud from Chile volcano heading for New Zealand

The latest export boom from Chile is proving not to be as popular in foreign markets as first hoped.

A new cloud of volcanic ash from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain in Chile is on its way to New Zealand.

Dr Andrew Tupper from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre says the ash which is currently 2,000km south of Western Australia is headed in a north East direction.

“It will obviously cause disruption, it will obviously prevent aircraft flying at the altitude of the cloud.”

Newswarped thinks Jetstar should start dusting off their ‘no-fly’ excuses.

The one they used last time about safety being No.1 was a bit lame.

Sorry if I sound a little bitter still, but as a stranded passenger, the non-existent efforts at communicaton by Jetstar last week were pretty hard to take.

Fingers crossed the ash manages to miss us this time.