May 22, 2019

Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress

From an executioners perspective that neck is just sensational.

High profile US politician Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress, saying he cannot continue in office after the intense publicity over sexually explicit messages he sent online to several women.

The 46-year-old Democrat and former New York Mayoral candidate, made the announcement in his home district in New York after two weeks of fighting off pressure to step aside.

Weiner apologised again for “the embarrassment that I have caused” and said he hoped to continue to fight for the causes dear to his constituents.

His wife, Huma Abedin, who is a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not with him for the announcement. She is also pregnant with a little Weiner on the way.

Weiner has been on leave from the House and at a treatment facility at an undisclosed location since last weekend. He has not been seen in public since telling reporters on Saturday morning that he intended to return to work.

It is all so mysterious. An undisclosed treatment at an undisclosed location. Great to see Congressman Weiner can be discreet about something.

Weiner’s decision to give up his House seat marks the end of a nearly three-week sex scandal without the sex – an event that highlighted his use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to carry out online relationships with other women.

Originally Weiner denied having sent any inappropriate photos, then recanted in a news conference 10 days ago at which he admitted having exchanged inappropriate messages with several women.

His confession triggered a media frenzy in print and online that only grew more pronounced a few days later when an X-rated photo of the 46-year-old politician surfaced on a website.

Anyone who was anyone in the Democratic Party was telling Weiner to step down. They even formed choirs and sang duets together singing for Weiner to become theinvisible man.

Even President Barack Obama joined in saying that if he were Weiner he would step down.

Just to put a dose of reality into the situation – America is over its head in debt, there is a lingering recession and China is gradually taking over the world.

Yet America is focussed on a minor Congressman who sent photos of himself to other women. Did it affect his ability to do his job well? No. Yet he is labelled unworthy to be a lawmaker.

If all the sins of the politicians on Capitol Hill were made public then none of them would be counted worthy by the current media standards. Even the usual parade of self righteous Republicans
would be forced to fall on their swords.