August 22, 2019

Ball boy blunder at French Open bemuses Troicki

Andy Murray looks on from the other end as Victor Troicki and the ball boy join forces against him.

Victor Troicki was left bemused at the French Open today when a ball boy ran onto the court during a point in his match against Roland Garros fourth seed Andy Murray.

Leading 3-2 in the fifth set, Troicki was denied a 0-15 lead on Murray’s serve when a ball boy mistakenly ran onto the court next to the net as the Serbian 15th seed smashed an overhead past his opponent.

The youngster then retreated,visibly upset, while Troicki was left looking stunned as the umpire ordered the point to be replayed.

Troicki did secure the break of serve to go 4-2 up, but was eventually beaten 4-6 4-6 6-3 6-2 7-5.

“I had never seen that,” Troicki said of the ball boy incident.

“I haven’t ever seen it on TV. Not since I’ve been watching and playing tennis have I ever seen such a situation.”

“The kid just jumped in and messed up my point. I can’t blame him but still, I was a little bit disappointed.”

Troicki conceded that the umpire had no choice but to call for the point to be replayed.

“The rule is that if he [the ball boy] is in the middle of the court, we should replay the point,” he said.

“Andy had no chance to get back in for the point. But, according to the rules, we had to replay the point.”

Newswarped feels for the youngster. It must be awful when one mistake becomes so public. Well done to him for carrying on the match.