May 21, 2019

Barry Humphries joins Hobbit cast as Goblin King

Oh I do like those Hobbits - just like little possums they are.

Australian comic actor Barry Humphries best known for his character Dame Edna Everage, is to join the cast of The Hobbit.

The Hobbit Director Sir Peter Jackson has announced that Humphries will play the role of the Goblin King.

British comedian Stephen Fry is also joining the cast as the Master of Laketown. Fry is writing the screenplay for Peter Jackson’s The Dambusters film.

Other signings are Evangeline Lilly who will be playing the new character of the Woodland Elf, Tauriel. Luke Evans as Bard, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug.

Jackson says that “just about rounds out the major casting. I cannot wait to get stuck into these new scenes.”

The first round of shooting for The Hobbit has been completed and locations for the second block are being scouted at the moment.