June 27, 2019

Cameron Diaz ‘bonds’ with Prince Harry

If you want to go to Cameron and Harry's gym it is only 3,500 pounds to join.

Cameron Diaz has been ‘bonding’ with Prince Harry in recent weeks at an exclusive London gym.

The Hollywood actress, has reportedly formed a friendship with Britain’s Prince Harry after bumping into the royal in a private members’ studio in South Kensington.

Cameron Diaz, 38, is in London filming her new movie – Gambit – with Colin Firth.

The exclusive gym has a spa, restaurant, library and media room. Diaz met Prince Harry, 26, there at the end of April when he introduced himself and they have coordinated some of their workout sessions since then.

There is probably nothing in it except mutual curiosity between the two stars from very different realms.

Harry has reportedly invited Cameron Diaz to come out with him and some of his friends on the town. Well it would improve a chaps cred with his mates if he just happens to turn up for a night out with Cameron Diaz in tow.

Likewise Cameron can recount when back in California, about her nights out on the town with a royal prince.

Newswarped thinks this is a win-win.