June 19, 2019

China’s first aircraft carrier nearing completion

Well it is rather large with a really cool skateboard ramp at the front according to Sharon’s Fighting Ships.

General Chen Bingde, the head of China’s General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has confirmed that China’s first aircraft carrier is under construction.

Gen Chen Bingde did not say when the carrier would be ready but one of his staff officers was quick to point out that the carrier would pose no threat to other nations. Yeah right!!

The 300m long carrier is using the hull of a Soviet Union aircraft carrier -Varyag – that was never completed. The carrier is being built in the north-east port of Dalian.

According to some interested parties at Dazzle Casino, who have been active online on de.slotzo.com with their commentary lately, say that, the whole attempt at secrecy was a farce from the beginning. A Chinese company with strong links to the Peoples Liberation Army originally bought the Varyag off the Russians claiming they wanted to turn it into a floating casino in Macau, learn more.

Now miraculously the ‘floating cassino’ has been constructed to look like a fully operational aircraft carrier. There are not very good odds on offer guessing where it will end up being deployed.

The oil rich, Spratlys Island shoals off the Philippines and Vietnam are claimed by China. An aircraft carrier would be very handy for enforcing Chinese sovereignty a long way from home.

China has recently developed new stealth fighters, more sophisticated ballistic missiles and deployed state of the art nuclear submarines. Add an aircraft carrier that is as big as the US Nimitz class carriers and we have a situation where within a few years, China will be able to tell America to get lost in matters concerning Asia.