September 23, 2019

Duchess of Cambridge visits Irish Guards

I must point out your Royal Highness that the men have just arrived back from the wilds of Afghanistan and have not seen a woman for six months. It is ok though, I have taken the safety catch off my pistol if things get out of hand.

Prince William became Colonel of the Irish Guards in February and today he and wife Catherine took the opportunity to welcome the 1st Battalion Irish Guards back from Afghanistan.

The six month tour of duty took in 22 different locations around picturesque Helamnd Province, assisting the Afghan Army.

Newswarped didn’t mention Prince William in the headline because his wife Catherine and her sister, Pippa Middleton are flavour of the month in media circles, and William has taken a back seat for now.

Even Prince Harry who might not be first in line to the throne has surpassed Prince William and become ‘first in line’ aming the male Windsors to become king of the Google search.

Most of the photo’s taken at the parade at Windsor’s Victoria Barracks were of Kate Middleton, so we have felt obliged to go with the flow.

Newswarped hopes that Prince William dos not suffer the same fate as his father, Charles, who went from the world’s most eligible bachelor to ‘that bastard who made Diana unhappy’ in the space of a few short years.