May 21, 2019

Flying car goes on sale – Terrafugia Transition hits the market

The Terrafugia Transition - $200,000 of serious fun.

US company Terrafugia is to unveil the prototype of its new sky car this July. For a price tag of $200,000 drivers can own a Terrafugia Transition that can see them soar above the traffic when things get congested.

The worlds first commercial flying car is the product of a team of aeronautical engineers who in the space of five years have produced what they call the first “roadable aircraft”.

By the end of the year, the 100 people who have already pre-ordered their Transition should have received delivery of their new sky car.

The Terrafugia Transition is street legal, fits in a carport Perth and has fuel economy of only 7.8L/100km regardless of if it is on the road or in the air.

Richard Gersh, Vice President of Business Development at Terrafugia says “The challenge to more general aviation has been not only the high-cost – the purchase price of an aircraft, the hanger rental and running costs – and the skills required to pilot a craft, but also practical issues – moving the aircraft around on the ground and dealing with bad weather.”

“But with prototypes like this, and the others in development, each tackling the problem with different solutions, access to flight is coming down all the time.”

“People have been thinking about personal air vehicles for decades and that remains a long-term vision. Now the barriers to entry as a pilot are lower than they have ever been.”

Newswarped thinks that the early users of this exciting technology will have the most fun, until everyone gets into it and the regulatory ‘fun police’ make sure that all freedom of expression is eradicated and we are all back in orderly traffic jams both in the air and on the ground.


  1. Charlton Hamilton says:

    Driving home in your plane after landing or even having the ability to transition from sky travel to ground based travel is a really cool thing. When you’re flying into heavy weather in a Cessna 172 for example, it can be tense.

    Let’s outlaw the fun Police right now so this concept can become a new part of the American dream.

    I WANT one !

  2. Meet the Jetsons.. For some reason the cartoon The Jetsons just popped up in my head.
    terrafugia transition looks pretty cool.