August 19, 2019

France confirms weapons drops to Libyan rebels

Look everyone!! Look what Uncle Nicolas sent me all the way from Paris!!

The French military has confirmed that weapons have been air-dropped to rebels fighting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s troops in Western Libya.

Light arms, ammunition, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles were sent to Berber tribal fighters in the Nafusa mountains in early June.

“We began by dropping humanitarian aid – food, water and medical supplies,” said Colonel Thierry Burkhard, spokesman for the French general staff.

“During the operation, the situation for the civilians on the ground worsened. We dropped arms and means of self-defence, mainly ammunition,” he said.

He said the arms were “light infantry weapons of the rifle type”, dropped over a period of several days “so that civilians would not be massacred”.

France played a prominent role in pushing for military intervention in Libya, and French and British planes have led the air strikes over the country that began in late March.

France was also the first Western country to recognise the rebel movement as the legitimate government in Libya.

The decision to drop arms to the Libyan rebels was reportedly taken following a meeting in mid-April between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Chief of Staff of the Libyan rebels, General Abdelfatah Younis.

The conflict in Libya has got to the stage where something decisive needs to happen. The actions of France and Qatar in supplying weapons to the rebels is a step in the right direction for ending the civil war.

While there can be arguments about exceeding the United Nations mandate, opposing countries like China and Russia need to take some reality pills.

There is no way back for Colonel Gaddafi. The Western nations and a good number of the arab ones want him out. A large portion of his people want him out as well and are willing to die to achieve that.

The conflict has progressed to the point where a Gaddafi victory would be catastrophic for the people of Libya. Revenge would be swift and vicious.

The aftermath of a rebel victory will at least happen under the watchful eyes of the worlds media and with the supporting nations in the background pushing for peace and reconciliation rather than more bloodshed.