April 19, 2019

Julia Gillard popularity at an all time low

Just thought we would remind you all of how happy Julia was when she won the election last year. What a difference a year makes eh?

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sunk below Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister for the first time in a poll out today.

She can now claim the title of the most unpopular modern prime minister since Paul Keating sunk in the mud.

Dissatisfaction with Ms Gillard has leapt to a high of 62 per cent, up seven points in the past two weeks.

Based on second-preference flows at the August 2010 election, the coalition has maintained its clear election-winning lead over Labor of 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

Despite the poll slump Julia Gillard says she is determined to push on with her government’s agenda, including a carbon tax.

I guess that is right Julia. When you are at the bottom the only way is up. Might as well carry on until your own party pulls the knives out.

When asked about voter preference for Kevin Rudd, the man she toppled to become prime minister a year ago, Ms Gillard said: “My eyes are firmly trained on the future and what is right for this country.”

Unfortunately for Julia the polling shows that if Kevin was in charge that Labour would have an election winning lead over the Coalition.

Ms Gillard insists that once carbon pricing is in place, people will see how the system works and its benefits.

“We’re a long way from that, that’s why I think we’re in a tough period now and there may be some further tough periods ahead,” she said.

“But ultimately I believe Australians will see the need to price carbon.”

Even if the electorate do end up seeing the benefit of a carbon tax, it is unlikely that Julia will see it happen from any position of power. She will have been politically assassinated long before.

Surely Julia must know that any tax regardless of what it is for is not going to be viewed as a good thing by the voters.