June 25, 2019

Kim Duthie admits lying about affair with Ricky Nixon

It is hard to know what is truth and what is lies about the amazing adventures of Kim Duthie anymore.

Kim Duthie, the teenager who claimed she had sex and took drugs with banned AFL player-agent Ricky Nixon now says she lied about the affair.

Ricky Nixon is now vowing to sue the AFL Players Association (AFLPA) for millions of dollars.

Nixon has also defended himself against claims he has struck a deal with Duthie for her to withdraw her claims.

Nixon maintains he has no idea how he ended up semi-naked in Duthie’s hotel room. Kim Duthie had posted photo’s of Nixon in her room on the internet and publicly claimed she was involved in a sexual affair with him.

Kin Duthie has Tweeted that she always has “the upper hand” and “Regret[s] nothing.’’

Mr Nixon told The Age newspaper that he would sue the AFLPA for loss of income and future earnings. He said he had seen the teen’s statement withdrawing claims they had had sex and took drugs together.

The AFLPA today said the latest claims would change nothing about its decision to ban Nixon from managing footballers.

They say that their initial ruling did not rely specifically on Duthie’s statements so the ban would still stand.

Ricky Nixon has not handled this affair very well at all. His inability to explain what he meant by calling his relationship with Kim Duthie “inappropriate” has been very damaging for him.

As for Kim Duthie, well she might benefit from taking a vow of silence for at least 12 months. Newswarped has had no hesitation in naming her in our articles about her antics. She might be only 17, but she has been happy to live in the adult world for some time now, and has been happy wrecking other peoples lives.

We also think Ricky Nixon might be better off taking his medicine and rebuilding his career. Fighting a battle with the AFL Players Association is going to get him nowhere. Even if he does win some damages, he will not have a career.