April 20, 2019

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries getting married in August

I hope that Kris and I will be very happy together, but if we are not at least it will make great television.

Kim Kardashian getting married to her fiancee, Kris Humphries in early August according to reports.

The reality TV star recently got engaged to the basketballer and the couple have told family and friends they will be tying the knot in just over two months time.

The usual ‘un-named’ source says “The date that close friends of the family are being given is toward the beginning of August. They are looking at private estates in Los Angeles, since location will make it much easier for guests flying in to attend.”

TV host and Kardashian family friend Kathie Lee Gifford, admits to knowing the day but is not saying. “I’ve been told a particular date. Darn right I’m going to that wedding!”

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner has thrown herself into planning her 30-year-old daughter’s wedding and she is determined for it the best day of Kim’s life.

A family friend revealed: “Kris wants time to plan and prepare and make sure the entire family has time to enjoy getting ready for the big day. Kris deserves this moment … and she fully intends to make sure every detail is just perfect.”

For all those Kardashian junkies out there, do not depair if you invite has not turned up. The wedding is going to be televised on E! channel in a two hour special.

No doubt there will be a record number of advetisements with the occasional shot of Kim and Kris.

E! has to be one of the only channels on air that it is impossible to work out what programme you are watching, even if you do have a TV guide in front of you. It seems to spend more time advertising itself than playing ‘current’ content.