May 24, 2019

Kronic brand axed from shops

Pineapple Express by Kronic - now flying off display at express pace due to it being illegal.

Pineapple Express a product in the Kronic range of synthetic cannabis is to be taken off sale because it contains the prescription medicine phenazepam, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced.

Phenazepam – an anti-anxiety and anti-convulsion drug – has been found in Pineapple Express, which Dunne said showed the danger of suppliers putting unregulated drugs on the market where their safety is unproven.

“This clearly shows the worth of the Government’s moves to change the onus of proof so producers and suppliers of these products need to prove they are safe before they can sell them,” he said.

Currently authorities have to prove such products are unsafe before they can be taken off the market.

“This particular product, because it contains a prescription medicine, is now illegal to buy, sell, use or possess without a doctor’s prescription,” he said.

Mr Dunne said this restriction applies to sellers – the retailer, wholesaler and distributors – and any member of the public who buys the product.

The Health Ministry is to contact Lightyears Ahead, the company that supplies the product, to officially inform it that is required to recall Pineapple Express from retailers immediately.

The ministry will conduct further investigations before making any decision on a possible prosecution and a similar product is also being investigated and further action may be taken shortly.