August 22, 2019

Lactating woman sprays police with milk

Stephanie Robinette and her trusty right breast ensured that police officers remained firmly in the line of fire at all times.

A lactating woman in the United States has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff’s deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle.

Stephanie Robinette, 30, a teacher from Ohio was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault linked to a domestic dispute, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Robinette’s husband told authorities the pair had been attending a wedding when his wife got drunk and started a dispute. He said that she hit him many times before locking herself in her car outside a banquet facility on Saturday.

Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said that when police approached the car to speak to her, she yelled profanities and refused to get out.

“When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle she advised the deputies that she was a breastfeeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk,” Davis said.

Robinette was later removed from the car and arrested after more deputies arrived on the scene.

“This is a prime example of how alcohol can make individuals do things they would not normally do,” Davis said. You may schedule a free consultation with attorney Kevin Trombold to discuss such a case.

All the big stories are coming out today. So the moral of the story is that drunk people are more inclined to do dumb things. Spraying a police officers with breast milk is not going to get laughed off in a hurry.

Still, as far as work stories go, it must be a ‘first’ for the police involved.

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