April 19, 2019

Libyan rebels capture Gaddafi munitions bunker

Presents for everyone in Zintan. You think they could have made an effort and wrapped them. Some concerns have also been raised about the amount of war toys being given as gifts.

Libyan rebels pushing towards Tripoli from the West have captured a major complex of underground weapons bunkers after the remaining forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi were cleared from the area.

The arms dump is located just south of the town of Zintan. It was attacked by NATO forces a few days ago and the Rebels finished off the remaining resistance.

Rockets, machine guns and other munitions were found in the network of bunkers, situated in the desert around 25km from the hill town of Zintan in the Nafusa mountains.

The weapons haul will be a big boost for the rebels as they try and push their frontline closer to the capital Tripoli. Currently they are only 50km from their goal but with the Nafusa mountains in between.

The arms bunkers are spread as far as the eye can see. They are bumps in the desert like long low warehouses. Some have been hit by airstrikes but many more are intact.

The rebels say they overcame heavy rocket fire from pro-Gaddafi troops, while commanders also said they destroyed three government vehicles travelling in a convoy.

Nato say their planes hit three tanks and six armoured personnel carriers in the Zintan area on Monday.